Brighthosue cable came out and corrected their mistake. I am on-line again. Did you miss me?

The following operating instructions were included with a non-stick pan liner that we got for Christmas...

What do you think happens at 447 degrees? Will is just POOF burst into flames? Will it melt and form some sort of new shape or even form into a new form of life?

I'm actually thinking about testing it.

Just to see what happens.


swirlogirl 8:52 AM  

i'd like to see what happens when you put it on gas hobos

Trav 10:09 AM  

I heard dat!
Who wrote that manual?
Bubba Gump?

Brian 2:15 PM  

Jen, I don't know, I've seen a couple gas hobos here in Orlando, Next time I see one, I 'll give him the baking sheet and let you knoe what happens.

Anonymous 6:53 PM  

They mean a gassed hobo!

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