Ouch, my pride!

So yesterday, while at work, I accidentally hit a large cardboard box with my head. Note: The box did not hit me, I hit the box. The result of the impact caused my glasses to come off of my head and in the process, pop one of the lenses out of the frame. Now please remember, being blind as a bat, I can't see shit. I'm like Audrey Hepburn in "Wait until dark" I'm fumbling around. I'm wondering what the hell just happened. I swear, that box came out of nowhere. As I am trying to reattach the lens to the frame, I see (blurred) that the screw has fallen out of the frame, separating it and making it impossible for the lens to stay in the frame. My staff is looking for it with me, adding to the embarrassment.

On my way home from work I stop into my local Pearl Vision for a quick repair job. For those of you worrying about how I drove, I used my prescription sunglasses. Thank you for your concern. The young lady behind the counter asked me what happened. Instead of suffering more embarrassment, I said, "Fist fight." She looks at me with alarm as she lets out a startled, "Oh". She looks closely at me with a confused look (she didn't see any evidence of a fight). "I know what you thinking", I said, "I couldn't believe he'd hit a guy with glasses too."

She fixed me up and sent me on my way.


swirlogirl 1:34 PM  

youd be SO COOL if you wore your sunglasses all the time though. i mean hello COREY HART

Brian 1:43 PM  

I CRY TO YOU! I Wear my sunglasses at night, so I can, so I can.... I love that song!

swirlogirl 10:17 AM  

i know. he's so pouty. i love him

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