Never in my wildest imagination would I ever had thought...

Tonight was the big event. The Puppy Bowl. Here I am a complete fool to think that the attention of the nation was centered on the Super Bowl in Jacksonville tonight. I flip through the channels and find that Animal Planet is airing, the Puppy Bowl. I shit you not! The cameras were fixed on a cardboard football field where a hoard of puppies were playing. This passed for television people!!!! There was a bowl in the end zone and every time a cuddly little puppy needed a drink it had one readily available. The highlight of the Super Bowl was the new turf cam, but on Animal Planet, it was the bowl cam. A close-up view of the dogs lapping up water from the perspective of inside the bowl of water. What the fuck!?!? The thing was on for three friggin' hours!!!! I taped a little of it just to show people that this actually happened. Seeing is definitely believing. A whistle is blown. A man in a referee outfit comes on the field and calls a "puppy foul". I notice that he is kneeling over a steaming pile of shit. The ref calls it, "On the 50 yard line". He proceeds to clean it making smooth wax on/wax off motions with his Brawny super absorbent paper towel. This had to be a joke. I had to have dreamed this. No, it's true. Here's the proof.


The Winner 2:48 AM  

dude. This is the little sis... I am having a problem. You buy expensive electronics and then they have expensive breakdowns. Consequently my telephone crashed.. damned windows.. and I don't have either of your new phone numbers. NEED TO TALK TO MY SISTER!! P.s. Sorry I had to post this here... but I lack your email also.. hehe.. the rach

packphour 2:20 AM  

Couldn't agree with you more on the Puppy Bowl thing. I've bookmarked your site and will return with something more imaginative next time, because like you, I too am sick.

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