Is that you?

In case you haven't heard, some woman walks up to this man and says "Awmygod" you're the guy from the Taster's Choice jar." The man brushes her off as some sort of vagrant and goes on with his day. He later is walking through his local grocery store and noticed a jar of Taster's Choice coffee. Low and behold, it was his picture on the bottle. Actually, he just happened to notice it in the store, the first part I added because it was the way I saw it play out in my head. He was outraged because he never agreed to have his picture on the jar (read: Never got his money for having his face on the jar). Derek Zoolander, male model had sat for a two hour photo shoot in 1987 for Nestle, but was never told anything about it. He hopped down to his local law office and totally sued there caffinated asses. The trial was this week and the lucky SOB got 5% of the Taster's Choice worldwide sales from 1997 to 2003 (the length of time that they have been using his image) It equaled $15.6 million. Yahtzee! He's now a kindergarten teacher in L.A. and plans to spend each day attempting to reattach his jaw that hit the floor when the verdict was announced (He asked for 8.5 million).

It's a pretty weird thing to think that your image can be used without your knowledge. I am no stranger to the idea. On a shopping trip a few years ago I saw this box and this one too. I'm still waiting to hear if I get anything out of the deal.


Trav 9:26 PM  

I saw those boxes before!
Needless to say, I haven't eaten cereal for years because of it!

swirlogirl 2:10 PM  

most impiortant meal of the day bitches

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