In case you haven't seen it.

There is something going around this interweb. I don't usually post about these internet fad trick of the day things. This one is different. I have been getting questions. I usually don't answer or even take the time to address them publicly, but I feel I must this one time. Many people have approached me asking me about the video. Let me go publicly by saying that I am not the doofus in the video. While it is somewhat amusing to watch, especially with his spirit fingers and his eyebrow dance, I am not that guy. I don't even look like him. At least now. Maybe a few years ago, but its not me.

Just wanted to say that.


swirlogirl 8:18 PM  

i never once thought that looked like you. which is too bad cuz i finally could have had a fanmous friend. back to working on fanny and reality tv i guess.

Stacy 5:13 PM  

I've come to the master of lost songs....okay love the last post with the video. That guy was really having a ball (love the eyebrows). What was the song in the video (and no, I don't want to learn it to do the dance, moron :)) Are you gearing up for our fun filled adventure to Mt. Dora tomorrow. I bet you can't wait! I'll call you guys today. Talk to you later.

Brian 5:14 PM  

The answer to the question is..... a song by the band O-Zone. It's called “Dragostea Din Tei,” a song that would be titled “Love Among the Linden Trees” in English.

What the hell is a Linden Tree?

Is it any relation to Hal Linden of Barney Hill fame?

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