I'm sad

I am depressed. I placed my cherished possessions online for the world to bid on and buy, but I have had no takers. The auction ends this weekend. I guess I'll see what happens then. Actually it looks like I have had a taker. Someone actually bid on the "Too Wong Foo...", "Pretty Woman" & "L.A. Story" triple feature. My base bid of $2.99 has been reached. Great, considering I've spent $4.35 just posting the damn videos. I hope I get at least money to cover the posting of the pieces and the shipping. It would be nice. Maybe I'm thinking too high.

In other news, my parents' church festival is this weekend. When I say it's their festival, I mean it is their festival. They organize the whole damn thing. We stopped by today to return the cooler we borrowed and it was a full-fledged thing. Big-ass rides, carnies and funnel cakes! It starts on Thursday and runs the weekend. I'll probably swing by on Thursday to see the hub-bub. As an added bonus, there's a beer tent complete with hot wings. Naturally, I'll be there. Note to self: Do not visit beer tent before riding rides. Wait till afterwards.

Learned a lesson. Traffic on Interstate 4 here in Orlando is the "fastest way". We thought we were smart today and took an alternate route home and avoided the 25 minute delay on a normally 10 minute drive. The alternate route unfortunately took a little over an hour. It was total torture. The whole time I tried to keep myself entertained by singing "Africa" by Toto as loud as I could while doing an interpretative dance from the drivers seat.

Special Link today: Paula's back and my buddy Trav has got the inside scoop.


samjkh 2:28 PM  

Your post about ebay cracked me up,we have just started trying to sell stuff and yes it's a nightmare and not as easy as everyone says!

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