...and the rich get f*cked with.

So with all the hubub circling the internet about the hacked Paris Hilton sidekick, I figured, who am I to ignore such a humerous moment in pop culture.

First off, for those of you who did not know about it, I guess we are going to have a longer winter since you've been living in a cave for the last few days. Groundhog. Here's the skinny: Her T-Moble account was hacked and the world got to see...

Second, its now all over the place. Funny as hell. Once I found the phonebook, I was going to make some calls. I was going to...

  • Call Fred Durst and tell him...he's gotta have FAAAAAAIIIITTTTTHHHHHHH!

  • Call Lindsay and her Lohans to say "Jambo!" and ask her to love me, love me just a little.

  • Call Avril and tell her that I would be her sk8tr boy for life if she would stop being so goddam annoying.

  • Call Eminem and chum up with him about his baby's mama.

  • Call Vin Diesel and ask him why he made "The Pacifier" or better yet, why he makes movies.

  • Call Fergie and tell her she really "filled out" since Kids Incorperated, but thats just fine with me.

Alas, I hear EVERYONE IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE HAS PRANK CALLED CELEBRITIES. Here is a page devoted to such cranking. I guess I'll just have to keep prank calling a Savannah Attouney named James Brown and an ex-Savannah DJ named Chad Pitt, who now works in Orlando and by some strange twist of fate is living in a moble home at the gas station at the end of the street until Friday night to raise money of the Lukemia society. Sounds like Mr. Pitt may have to provide a little old friend with some "turkey tones"

In other news, Mel and I bought bikes today. Matching. I know, "How gay". Well it was the only good ones they had for a cheap price so get off my back bitch! We hit the trail head today and almost passed out at the end. The best part was the smell of Chinese food at one end of the trail where it meets the highway. Mmmmmm, sesame chicken.


swirlogirl 10:59 PM  

oh my god thanks for this! i couldnt find any of it anywhere except for the KILL PILL and pauly shores number. steph tried to call him but of course no dice!

Trav 10:09 AM  

Glad to hear you and Mel had a goal at the end of your bike ride!
Was it a YUMYUM palace?

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