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About eight years ago I rode The Tower of Terror at the Disney/MGM Studios for the 4th or 5th time and something in me said, "That's enough" and I had not rode it since. Often, I would go to the park with friends and "people watch" outside while they rode. I just was not interested in riding it anymore. Call me chicken-shit or a big pussy, it just wasn't my bag. Mel would not ride as well, probably just feeding off my own cowardice.

During the big move, we needed a break so our gal Stacy (who works for the mouse) signed us in for a stress releaving afternoon. Our first stop was the studios and the Tower of Terror. Travis had been talking about going on and Mel was starting to think about riding, so I naturally started to summon some strength to ride as well. We got there and I sarted second guessing myself.

In line, and too embaressed to back out and take the wimp exit, I got on. They've added a few drops over the last few years and just when you think the fucking thing is done, it shoots you back up and drops you again. The picture is priceless. Take note of Stacy on the back left row enjoying the ride. Then there is me, wishing to God that they hadn't got rid of the friggin lap bars. Then there's Mel practically orgasming with excitment in her seat. And then there's that jerk Travis. Observe him turned away from the action and focusing on me and my reactions. Thank you, you bastard. And what's with that dude next to Trav? Is he shitting his pants?

Needless to say, I was not amused.

As payment for my trip on the tower, Travis said he would ride the new "Stitch Encounter"- a dark kids ride. In the dark scenes where Stitch was supposed to be jumping on you, breathing on your neck and burping in your ear, he was crying like a baby to get him out. I had to remind him repeatedly, "It's silly!...It's Silly, Travis". It didn't console him too much as he almost chewed off his extremities to get out of the chair. I wish they took pictures in there, as I'm sure the picture would show me staring at him.


swirlogirl 7:28 PM  

AHAHHAHA that picture is AWESOME! i just pooped my pants laughing.

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