Mr & Mrs Sikorski, its a sweet sweet baby.

After ten years and four months of faithfull service, my PowerMac 7100 has been replaced. On Sunday, Melissa and I stopped by the Apple Store and purchased a G5 iMac. To quote Peter Griffin, "it's friggin' sweet!". Its go fuckin fast. I don't like to swear often in posts because I am accused of having a potty mouth, but its the only way I can describe its power. We went with the middle range to keep in budget. Thank God for credit. For the computer geeks out there, it has... 1.8 GHz PowerPC G5 processor (nice!), 17-inch widescreen LCD monitor, 512K L2 Cache, 600MHz frontside bus, NVIDA GeForce FX 5200 Ultra, 64 MB DDR video memory, 256MB DDR400 SDRAM (we added an additional 512MB bringing us to 768MB, an 80GB Serial ATA hard drive and a slot-loaded SuperDrive. I friggin' love it! Giggidy!


swirlogirl 2:18 PM  

congrats on that bundle of joy

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