Its a thing-a-ma-bob baby

On our outing to Disney World during the move we stopped off at the Magic Kingdom for a quick ride on Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain as well as the before mentioned Stitch-Escape! While in a brief lay over in Fantasyland while the girls stopped for a quick potty break, Trav and I wandered to a kiddy area called Ariels Grotto. The place was deserted and looked like a kiddy version of Hugh Heffner's love shack. At the gate, and older woman who works there was says, "Ya' wanna see the pretty Ariel?" She sounded a bit like an elderly pimp. Having nothing else to do but wait, we said "sure". Her ancient arm extended out towards some rocks and said, "She's back there boys". We walked toward the dark cave and as we turned the corner we found two young hispanic girls wearing as shirt and pant combo with confetti prints on it. Festive! Sitting on the rocks was a young half-naked girl with a tail and fake hair. She greeted us in a cheezy-Disney "Hello guys!". As we paused for a moment as we realized we were the only people there and responded with a "What's crackalackin'?" We looked at the decor and `Ariel' offers us to have our picture taken with her. In a flash, I find my self sitting on the rocks next to her with my arm around her. Trav is giving the hispanic gal a detailed lesson on how to operate his camera. I realized that I should probably do the same, so I get back up and get it set up. Ariel says, "I don't know anything about cameras."
"Flounder found one for me and Scuttle told me is was a glibglobber."
All right honey, enough
With the cameras set and as we are getting in position and Ariel still `on', I notice she's got some nice sea shells. I find my eyes gravitating towards them. I feel like such a pig, I'm in a kiddy attraction. Why is my wedding ring burning all of a sudden? As I am admiring her fun parcels, she turns towards me. I think she noticed. I looked up very quickly and nodded as she spoke of her adventures with humans. Humans, Ursula, yep. Gotcha.

We took our picture.

As we got up to go on our merry way, Ariel thanked us for "keeping our flippers to ourselves" (priceless). The old bag at the gate asked us how was she. How was she? Was she giving things away? Happy Ending maybe? We just showed the old pimp our photos and went on our way. Mel and Stacy just shook there heads as we told them about our adventures Under the Sea.


Anonymous 5:34 PM  

For your information: I do NOT like to be referred to as an overage pimp, sir.
I used to work for the Chicken Shack of Saratoga and I was QUITE the Madam in my day. I was moved to Orlando by my husband and now enjoy sending young men back to the grotto for our little mermaid to greet them. It IS actually fun to see them get a RISE from the photo op when they come walking out. I do remember you sir. You and your good looking friend in the Red tshirt were walking out of the grotto and you looked like you just came from a candy store...and had a candy cane poking out of your pocket! hahaha. Oh, how that makes an old woman laugh.

Brian 3:36 PM  

I callz itz likez I seez itz lady.

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