Its a load of quack.

So while we were doing the big packing thing back in Savannah, we got a visit from Swirlogirl a.k.a. Jen. We hadn't seen her in a long-ass time so it was good to see her. We got in a rather deep comedic conversation about how our college alumni connection magazine was filled with baby pictures. Usually the rag is filled with the standard "where are they now" bullshit. "Reginald Muscogie (BFA, Photography 1999) is senior wood photographer at Slippery When Wet Productions in Punxatony, Pennsylvania. He lives with his partner Hubert and their twenty cats." This edition was filled with wedding announcements, birth announcemnets, pet announcments, doctors appointment reminders and not much information about jobs. As we flipped through the magazine we noticed that most of the pictures that people sent in were of their babies or spouses. Jen tried to send in this picture of her and Lady Fanny but they didn't print it. I wonder why?

There was one picture that we looked at and were utterly confused to the point of collapse on the floor with laghter. We didn't get it. Babies come from eggs? It must be an art school thing. We decided that we need to get in the alumni magazine, so Jen came up with this picture of Mel, myself, herself and Trav. The original untouched version is here in all its full color (colour) glory.

Thanks again to swirlogirl for a great time. Can't wait to see you soon!

Oh and check out her site if you haven't already why not?


swirlogirl 2:31 PM  

droppin eggs like bombs over baghdad. whuhhht!

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