Im too damn old for this shit.

What the hell is the big-ass deal with New Year Eve? I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off and just so damn tired. I got back from Macon Thursday evening and got to bed later that evening. I opened Savannah yesterday so I had to be up at 6am. I could not sleep as well as I wanted because it was going to be my last day of work here and I was too excited to sleep. I got up and got to work. After work, where I was covered in ice water at least four times as a going away gag, I drove home sopping wet. I had to stop to pick up some things from the store where I was asked, "Is it raining out?". I explained what was going on and the cashier pulled his manager over to point me out and tell him, "When you leave that's what we are going to do to you." The manager said "I'll run". I laughed and told him I tried that too.

At home, It was about 6 when we ordered our traditional chinese take-out and chilled out. About 9:30, I could not longer keep my eyes open and I fell asleep on top of the bed. I tried to get in it, but passed out before I could. At a quarter to 12, Mel woke me up to ring in the new year. I was rather vocally expressing my displeasure in this event. "Why the hell does someone need to stay up so goddamn late just to watch a fucking ball drop?", I said. "Can't you just record it on the DVR?", "I'm too goddamn old for this shit. I mean really. Come on."

I went back to bed.

Guilt set in and realizing that I probably got this new year off on the wrong foot, I got my sorry-ass out of bed and with 1 minute and 30 seconds left in `04, put a big wad of cash in my had and got ready for 2005. Mel and I watched Dick Clark, who looked an awful lot like Regis Philbin this year (I guess strokes do that to you) and held our breath for the move in 2 days, the new start and all the adventures that we will be embarking on in 2005.

Happy Nude Year to all!

P.S. I am the Nude Year Baby!!!!!! Out with the Old n' busted and in with me. When the ball drops...The balls drop!!!!


swirlogirl 6:32 PM  

dude i enjoyed seeing you guys so much last night i was all ready to come over again today! enjoy whorelando and come back to visit for funtimes!

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