I'm a bum

This new found relaxation has been great. I haven't spent as much time at work. I am feeling like I am getting things accomplished and when I'm home...I just want to chill. The couch and the recliner are my two best friends. After hooking up the sound system and getting to mount the speakers on the ceiling. It's just the ultimate in relaxation. I am writing this post in a bathrobe! Yesterday after work, I just wanted to do something. It's Saturday night! It was rare to be off on a Saturday night in Savannah, I wanted to do something. I put on a pair of jeans and a T-Shirt and got ready to go. I was shot down on the T-Shirt. I was told it was not for going out. "Where are we going?". "I don't know, but just in case." No biggie. The beach is an hour away opposed to 10 minutes in Savannah, so the shirt isn't really all that truthful anyway. And if there's one thing I'm not...it's a liar.

We drove around and around to find something "different". We finally ended up in Winter Park village getting some Japanese food and later went to the Enzian. The Enzian is the local arthouse theater. They play all the films that they talk about at the Oscars that nobody has ever heard of. We say, "A Very Long Engagement". A foreboding title since it was in French and subtitled. The movie film was great. Beautifully shot and a great story. Very sweet. The theater is a cafe as well. The seats are tables with menus and waiters come over and take your order. Since its not like a "regular" theater, the seating is not tiered so its kinda hard to read the subtitles when people sit in front of you. Mental note: get in the door first. It was Mel and I's first date in a long time and was very nice.

I'm just glad I didn't wear the T-Shirt.


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