I'm back!

Hey there blog-heads! We are still not 100% unpacked and settled but I wanted to let you all know that we arrived in Orlando safe and sound. We are still without internet connections (I'm typing this at my parents house).

The packing adventure was so exciting. Thanks again to Trav and Duane who came down and were my total heros. As the 17 foot truck was being loaded, we realized that we were going to need an extra trailer. We originally thought that we were going to leave early Monday morning (mainly just me, I was the deluded one) we didn't end up leaving Savannah until after 9:00 that evening.

The drive was relatively uneventful. Mel was riding as a wingman and communicated with us in the truck via walkie-talkies. Around 2am we had a close call with a speeding semi tractor trailer. He sped around a curve at 85MPH and his wake caused our trailer to flop back and forth and subsequently cause the truck to rock back and forth as well feeling as though we were on two wheels. It freaked the hell out of all of us. All I can recall is the speeding truck coming out of nowhere, Travis snapping awake from a sound sleep and grabbing hold of the cab in terror and Mel on the walkie-talkie screaming, "Don't break! Don't break!"

We made it to Stacy's house around at 3:10 am and got some sleep. We got to the new apartment later in the day and started unloading. Our phone was not hooked up as we had arranged in Savannah before we left and whould not be hooked up for another two weeks. After lashing out at Sprint, we decided to join the 21st century and get (gasp) cellphones. Have you ever read the instructions to a cellphone? According to the booklet, stay tuned and see if we discover brain cancer.

The internet was also not installed, but will be tomorrow. We've got a good chunk of unpacking done but we are still waiting on some furniture deliveries. Mel sat down on the floor this morning and announced that "This couch sucks". Hopefully it will arrive on Monday as scheduled.

Well, more to come in the next few days.

By the way, lean closer, I've got something to tell you...

I missed you.

Don't get all mushy on me, its okay. I'm back now.


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