Adventures in Shopping!

So Mel and I went shopping tonight. Had a powerful lust for an antipasto platter. We stopped at a meat market/deli/foodie utopia that just so happens to be across the street. We had never been there before, but now we wonder what we have been doing without it. we got some really great Proscutto di Parma and Salami as well as Mortadella. They even had fresh mozz. Yum. We were in paradise.

Since we waited too late to go, they had very little bread left, so we went to the local Publix grocery store for some additional foodstuffs. At Publix I went to the deli as I approaced the counter, the woman asked me my number. I said "two" figuring it was a game of some sort. She told me that I needed to take a number. I looked around and saw that I was alone except for two biddies that were talking about American Idol last night.

I took a number. Another man walks up and takes his number.

"Number 25?"

I look around. I am #35.

"Are you Number 25?", she asks.

"No, I'm 35. It looks like I've got 10 to go.

The guy beside me laughs. The woman advances the digital board. As the numbers climb I feel the anticipation growing. I realize that this is as dramatic as it gets!

...and I realized that I have no life.

"Number 35?", knowing damn well it was me.

"Yahtzee!!!!", I exclaim.

The man behind me just chuckles. The woman asks me what I want. I couldn't remember! Damn, I was too caught up in the anticipation that I can't remember. "I can't remember. I was too caught up in the anticipation that I can't remember", I said.

I realized why I was there and I ordered. I collected my meat. She asked me if I wanted anything else. I tell her, "I can't take the excitement. That's all I can handle tonight." The guy next to me chuckles. I wish him good luck and I was off my way.

The checkout was exceptionally busy. I think I see a line opening. Is it? Mel is calling me to another line. The line I thought was opening, opened.

"Shafted!", I scream!

Mel is not happy with me. She doesn't like when people look at us. It makes her uncomfortable. I think its hilarious. The guy who looks like Mr. Bean liked it.

We get to the cashier and Mel is doing her best to keep her anger with me. I can't help it. Just then a picture catches my eye on the cover of a magazine. Okay, so that wasn't the actual picture, but you get the hint. Mel couldn't help but laugh too.


swirlogirl 8:48 PM  

i think i'll pee my pants now

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