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Here in Macon, Its been a little odd. Mel and I don't often spend time apart, so sleeping alone has been a bit of a difficult surprise. Usually I am fast asleep before her head hits the pillow. Now granted, my issues with falling asleep may have to do with a T.V. at the foot of the bed. I bought a 12 pack of beer and a 12 pack of bottled water. I have drank 1/2 of the water and only 2 of the beers. What the hell is wrong with me? In E.T., Elliot and E.T. grow ill when they are apart and all that junk. I think the same thing is happening to Mel and I. The first part of the week, I've been "poopy". I've finally rid myself of the "crap" (pun intended) and now Mel doesn't feel so hot. With the upcoming move, Mel has been working very hard on packing, while I am here helping out in no such way. Granted, there isn't much I can do, except make calls to transfer our phone and satellite, but other than that I am as useless as ever.

Work here is fine, I saw the most mindblowing display ever yesterday. It was the creme de la creme of "duh" moments. A woman and her children comes into the restaurant. She tells the host that it will be "four adults and two children", the host stops for a moment and (honest to God) says, "So,.....that will be......six?". The woman, taken back, says "Uh, huh." Priceless.


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