Just thinking

So with the upcoming move approaching very quickly, I have begun to think of
what I will and subsequently, will not miss about about this little burg called
Savannah. This is what I've come up with:

  • I will miss the trees most of all. The tree covered streets here
    really add a bit of charm and class to the place.

  • I will miss the historic downtown area. The history in all its pompus
    glory. I still miss the time when we lived downtown.

  • I will not miss the southern mentality that their shit don't stink
    and ain't nobody gonna do something bigger or better than us.

  • I will miss Savannah's open container law. You can walk down the
    street with a "go cup" of Crown & Coke and nobody will say a

  • I will miss the crazy cast of characters that live in this town.
    The older lady in the victoria garb that talks to people on the street for
    fun. The man in a skirt and the menagerie of the drunken homeless.

  • I will not miss the sand gnats. Pesky little creatures that thrive
    on blood in the summertime.

  • I will miss my favorite places. Places I have gone to for years and
    they know me on a first name basis. Chao's Chinese Restaurant (they even know
    my mom) and Hirano's among my top two.

  • I will miss that everyone knows everyone.

  • I will not miss that everyone knows everyone.

  • I will miss the open container "go cup" law. Did I mention
    that yet?

  • I will miss the southern cooking of The Lady & Sons.

  • I will not miss the crazy ass drivers here. They do not believe in
    turn signals, proper merging, speed limits, and general courtesy.

  • I will miss the view of nothingness, the sheer decompression as I
    drive over the river on the way to our home on Whitemarsh Island.

  • I will miss the sense of humor of my kitchen staff.

  • I will miss the greatest mechanic of all time, Mike Tucker. Due to
    warranties, I have not been able to see him with my new car, but I will still
    miss him.

  • I will miss being minutes from the beach. We rarely went, but it
    is the thought of it that I will miss.

  • I will not miss the slowness of a construction project here. (See
    Southern Mentality)

  • I will miss the random celebrity sighting or as Travis likes to call
    it, star stalking.

I didn't think there would be so many miss's over not miss's. Most of all I
think I will miss the memories. Its been 10 years and 4 months in the town.
A long time in one place. Good thing I've got photos and videos from over the
years. I do believe one thing, Savannah is a great place to visit. I'm
sure Mel and I will in the future.


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