Dat's Crazy

So insanity has been the common theme of the past few days. Back from Macon, great to be back to the house of boxes. Do you know what $320 worth of boxes and packing material looks like. It looks like your home is built of cardboard and there is a mountain of boxes in your office. (I am thinking of climibing it).

Driving around town the other day Mel mentioned that Orlando is where houses grow. I laughed at the comment, she wanted to know why. I began telling her of the process of growing a house. Starts with just the right seeds and if your patient and use a little miracle grow, you can get a little villa or something. Wait a little longer, a ranch style home. Longer, a two story townhouse. Oh look! It sprouted a two car garage. Shit! I forgot to water it, it turned to a crack house. (Water, water, water.) Oh look its back to full health, its a tudor mansion. It looses some of its vinyl siding in the winter months. I could go on and on with the analogy.

While watching VH1's "Best Year Ever" (praise the `some dudes' for having the `Best Year Ever') I saw the clip of the breakdancers performing for the pope. As I commented on what I was watching, I inadvertantly called the pope, the poop. Classy.

After "Best Year Ever", I saw "John Mayer Has A T.V. Show". If you haven't seen it, you owe yourself the privilage. It was so damn funny. Now, I have seen John Mayer act the fool before and to be honest adds to my level of liking him, but after seeing this half-assed show. The man's a god! It wasn't listed on the program guide, it was like a little treat like the "Doggy Fizzle Televizzle" last year on MTV, before it was a regular program. I will keep my eye out for it and if it airs again, I will let you know. Its so funny. If any of you know when its on, drop me a line.

If you don't hear from me soon, I may be trapped in a cardboard box. Look for me in the one marked "jackass"


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